The 5% – How to lead a difficult negotiation

The theme for this year’s Negotiation Conference is “The 5%: How to lead a difficult negotiation”.

The 5% How to lead a difficult negotiation

When the world is becoming more complex, negotiations are becoming more difficult. In times of crises, we face negotiation processes that are different from the ones we experienced before, therefore, we also need to handle them differently.

This is why the theme of this year’s Negotiation Conference is “The 5%: How to lead a difficult negotiation”. We invite global leaders, experienced executives, and decision-makers to Zurich to take part in thought-provoking discussions, influential Keynote Speakers, and the latest negotiation insights.

The Negotiation Conference 2022 will provide you with the toolbox you need to successfully lead difficult negotiations:

1. Strategy

The guiding principle for the tactics you will use.

2. Tactics

The hands-on implementation of your strategic planning

Important: Choose a tactic that allows you to be authentic and feel comfortable in the process.

3. Team

A negotiating team, according to the FBI-model, consists of: a Negotiator, a Commander and a Decision Maker.

4. Leadership

How to use power and negotiate not only with the opposing party but also with your stakeholders or executives.

5. Mindset

Play to win and forward to the challenge.

6. Decisions

What is better a non-agreement or a bad deal?

The Negotiation Conference is the only event globally that brings together world-renowned negotiation experts from business, politics, law enforcement, sports, and media.

Join us at the Negotiation Conference in Zurich on October 6&7, 2022. Register here!

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