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Together, we can solve the most critical negotiation challenges

The Schranner Negotiation Institute is the international negotiation authority. We are the leading organization supporting in difficult negotiations worldwide. The mission of our Institute is to bring the global negotiation community together.


The main hallmark of the Conference is its dedication to bringing the global negotiation community together. We connect business leaders with the world’s best negotiation experts to facilitate new powerful alliances.

The annual Conference focuses on knowledge exchange and providing high-level strategic support around the most difficult business negotiation challenges.

The future of negotiations begins here!

"The N-Conference provides excellent information for global negotiations."

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Former NATO Secretary General
"With the N-Conference you have built something very special.“

David Patraeus

Former Director of the CIA
"The N-Conference is an outstanding opportunity and creates rare and valuable learning opportunity for all."

Gary Noesner

Former Chief of the FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit

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