Negotiation Conference 2022: The future of negotiation begins here!



The Schranner Negotiation Institute is proud to announce the launch of our brand new website, solely dedicated to its annual flagship Negotiation Conference. The launch enables a detailed overview of the Conference-related content, separating it from the Institute’s feed of insights. 

All around the world, conflicting interests and challenges seem more present and pressing than ever. Negotiation is a powerful tool that can help us resolve the most critical issues to shape a better world. The Negotiation Conference and Schranner Negotiation Institute are proud to be part of the solution!

Being the global leader in difficult negotiations, the Schranner Negotiation Institute,with its HQ in Zurich, has established an impactful flagship event: Negotiation Conference - the exclusive high-profile event for global business leaders. Atthe Negotiation Conferences, we connect the world’s best negotiation experts with business executives to provide insights into what makes even the most difficult negotiation process successful. Speakers cover the most pressing negotiation topics, and participants become part of insightful debates on current topics and their latest developments. Together with the thought leaders, we define the future of negotiations. 

Participation in our event gives you an exclusive chance to tap into the pool of world-classthought leaders from business, politics, media, and governmental agencies. Furthermore, this is an opportunity to lead one-on-one conversations and get exclusive insights from negotiation experts. 

Founder and CEO Mattias Schranner comments on the Negotiation Conference: 

“The main hallmark of the Conference is its dedication to bringing the global negotiation community together. We connect business leaders with the world’s best negotiation experts to facilitate new powerful alliances”.

The future of negotiation begins here!

Negotiation Conference website.

Negotiation Conference LinkedIn page.

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