N-Espresso Negotiation Interview

Presenting N-Espresso Negotiation Interview with Camille Vasquez and Chris Voss

Following the resounding success of our N-Conference, we had the privilege of engaging in thought-provoking conversations with two eminent figures: Camille Vasquez and Chris Voss. These exclusive interviews, part of our N-Espresso Series, provided invaluable insights into the different tactics and strategies used to lead difficult negotiations.


Camille Vasquez, partner at Brown Rudnick and a notable litigator celebrated for her pivotal role in the Johnny Depp Defamation Case, provides a glimpse into the meticulous preparation required for successful negotiations. According to Camille, the key to a successful negotiation lies in being overprepared—immersing oneself in the details, studying evidence meticulously, and adopting a goal-oriented mindset. In the interview, Vasquez also underscored the importance of creating a storyline to control the message and own the room, embracing diverse perspectives, and recognizing the interpretative nuances different individuals bring to the negotiation table.

Find the whole interview at the following link: Camille Vasquez N-Espresso Negotiation Interview

In parallel, Chris Voss, a former FBI negotiator renowned for his groundbreaking insights into negotiation dynamics, provided a fascinating exploration of the subject. Voss advocated for an exploratory approach to negotiation preparation that allows for adaptability in response to a reality of “imperfect information.” Central to Voss's philosophy is the concept of tactical empathy, which lies in recognizing and understanding the emotions at play at the negotiation table to build respect and trust. This approach helps negotiators address concerns and motivations effectively, fostering a cooperative environment for successful outcomes.

Find the whole interview at the following link: Chris Voss N-Espresso Negotiation Interview


"Negotiation is about fostering relationships and showcasing strength without resorting to aggression or intimidation." - Remi Smolinski
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