"Leading High-Stake Negotiations" Negotiation Conference 2024

Revealing the topic of the Negotiation Conference 2024

As leaders, we face the responsibility of overcoming complex challenges to ensure the success of our organizations in the dynamic business landscape. 

Today, effective negotiation process management is paramount, requiring tactical prioritization and categorization of demands to maintain focus on essentials, fostering a collaborative and proactive atmosphere in your team and consequently at the negotiation table.

The FBI-Team Model

At the Schranner Negotiation Institute we believe that the most effective approach to difficult negotiations lies in following several steps, amongst the most important: setting up a negotiating team. Division of responsibilities aligns with the FBI-Team Model: Negotiator, Commander, and Decision Maker.  

The Negotiator is responsible for attaining the set objectives by putting forward the demands during the negotiation process. The Commander assumes the role of an analytical listener, maintaining a broader picture in mind. The Decision Maker holds the ultimate authority in the respective negotiation, granting the team a "Licence to Negotiate."

Addressing the need for conflict-oriented leadership

The Schranner Negotiation Institute's survey in 2023 highlighted conflict orientation and decisiveness as crucial factors for bringing about change in a company. Results indicated that many companies are overly reactive in decision-making and conflict resolution. 

The survey preceded the Negotiation Conference 2023, where the renowned Negotiator and esteemed professor at the IMD Business School, George Kohlrieser, confirmed our findings: "We look at leadership through the lens of what happened to us and to other people."

Creativity is identified as a key component in difficult negotiations

George advocates leading from the mind's eye, emphasizing the impact of past experiences on our perception of the future. Maintaining a positive focus on the desired goal is crucial for adopting a "playing to win" approach, as dwelling on negatives results in a "playing to lose" mentality. A positive mindset sets the stage for more significant achievements, while excessive focus on negatives becomes a significant derailer. George insists that leaders "must focus on what we want to accomplish and picture achieving this goal in every possible detail." Creativity is identified as a critical component in difficult negotiations, urging leaders to proactively handle negotiations and conflicts while being more willing to take risks.

Ensure complete internal alignment to avoid unwanted interference

Matthias Schranner, the CEO & Founder of the Schranner Negotiation Institute, advocates for a structured approach to leading a team in difficult negotiations. According to him, "A great leader(Decision Maker) creates a vision, builds a process with available tools and team members, brainstorms possibilities to avoid premature decisions, sets a time frame for a negotiation process, develops a strategy with the team, and seeks agreement to ensure everyone is on board." 

Matthias advises leaders to ensure goal-oriented team approaches to negotiations, emphasizing internal alignment within the negotiating team and involved stakeholders. This involves issuing a "License to Negotiate" to avoid unplanned interference during the negotiation process. His suggestions for Decision Makers include changing mindsets towards proactive and conflict-oriented approaches, supporting teams in listing new demands, and ensuring complete internal alignment.

In conclusion, leadership in high-stakes negotiations demands a multifaceted approach encompassing trust-building, emotional intelligence, positive focus, transparency, and adept crisis management. By incorporating these strategies, leaders can navigate the complexities of negotiations and pave the way for beneficial outcomes.

The focus of the Negotiation Conference 2024

Embark on an enriching journey at the Negotiation Conference 2024, where renewed experts Erin Meyer, Daniel Shapiro, Matthias Schranner, and many others will delve into the topic of Leading High-Stake Negotiations and equip executives with indispensable negotiation strategies that will enhance their foresight for overcoming future negotiation challenges and empower to lead thier business to thrive, in times of uncertainty.

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"Leading High-Stake Negotiations" Negotiation Conference 2024

Revealing the topic of the Negotiation Conference 2024
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