The Official Aftermovie of the Negotiation Conference 2022 in Zurich.

We are delighted to share the Negotiation Conference 2022 Official Aftermovie with you!

The Negotiation Conference is the world’s leading forum for negotiations and is hosted by Schranner Negotiation Institute, the global leader in difficult negotiations.

This year’s Negotiation Conference took place in Zurich on 6th and 7th of October and hosted some of the world’s best negotiators.

We had the pleasure to present the following Keynote Speakers:

Richard Quest: CNN’s foremost International Business correspondent, anchor of Quest Means Business, and editor-at-large for CNN Business.

William Ury: American author, academic, anthropologist, and negotiation expert. He is co-founder of Harvard’s Program on Negotiation and author of Getting to Yes, a fifteen-million-copy bestseller.

Matthias Schranner: Originally trained by the police and the FBI as a lead negotiator for high-stakes situations. Now advising clients including the UN, global corporations, and political parties in difficult negotiations.

Jennifer Jordan: Social psychologist and Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at IMD Business School.

Phil Andrew: Former FBI Special Agent and an instructor at the FBI Academy.

Scott Tillema: FBI-trained hostage negotiator and active Law Enforcement Officer.

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