Presenting N-Conference Workshops

We are thrilled to introduce the Negotiation Conference 2023 workshops conducted by esteemed professionals.


  1. Allianz Suisse - MAIN STAGE

Beyond the Deal: Defuse Negotiation Risks Through Behavioral Science

Christian Steininger, Global Head of Behavioral Economics

Dive deep with Christian from Allianz Global Center for Behavioral Economics into Nobel-prize-winning insights that explain how people truly act and decide. Harness the transformative power of debiasing amplifies your strategic thinking, mitigates negotiation pitfalls, and sets you up for success. Learn how the ethical use of behavioral insights unlocks value at scale for Allianz, its customers, and external clients of his team – in negotiations and beyond.

  1. PwC Switzerland - WORKSHOP ROOM 1

A new Area of Cyber Risk Transparency

Urs Küderli, Leading Partner for Cybersecurity and Privacy

With increased digitization and proliferation into the cloud, a still growing threat and adversary landscape, organizations are expanding their attack surface and, subsequently, cyber risks. The call for robust cyber risk management and reporting is getting stronger as C-level executives grapple with obtaining transparency into the cyber risk landscape. Effective risk management requires a combined top-down and bottom-up approach, integration of cyber risk management into the enterprise risk modeling, aligned to an organization's risk appetite and capabilities.

  1. PwC Switzerland - WORKSHOP ROOM 2

How is ESG changing the way of doing Business in the Risk Governance Lifecycle?

Alexandra Burns Partner, Head Fs Risk & Compliance

Vinay Kalia, Senior Manager, Financial Services Risk Consulting

Concrete demands on firms from clients, markets, and regulators push firms to revisit and enhance their ways of steering business fundamentally. This impacts all aspects of governance, risk types, and going beyond its boundaries to third parties. The session will highlight why, what, and how of the current state and its future implications. 


  1. Schranner Negotiation Institute - MAIN STAGE

Leading Negotiating Teams

David Hughes, Director of Consulting

Klaus Lassert, Chief Psychologist, Senior Lecturer for Advanced Negotiator® Program at Schranner Negotiation Institute

This workshop provides a review of the four principles of the SCHRANNER CONCEPT®. The main focus is to highlight the most important aspects of establishing and leading negotiation teams in organizations. In this hands-on workshop, you will work in teams to reflect on applying successful negotiation team tactics in your organization.

*Those familiar with the SCHRANNER CONCEPT® may discover certain aspects of the workshop's content repetitive. However, the primary purpose of this workshop is to offer a refresher on the core principles of the concept and delve into a more comprehensive exploration of team dynamics.


The Economics of Climate Change

Karl Schmedders, Professor of Finance

The most recent IPCC Report estimates a stark rise of 3°C in global average surface temperature before the end of the century. This severe increase stands to disrupt life on Earth as we know it. In this session, we will initially delve into some economic perspectives on how our actions are exacerbating this trend before exploring the various solutions suggested by economic theory that could enable humankind to address and alleviate its impact.



Cultivating a Future-Proofing Culture

Zhike Lei, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Future-proofing your organization often means creating and sustaining a positive and empowering culture. But why can't companies and their leaders get the "culture" right? In this session, we will start with the fundamental tenets of a future-proof culture. We will then explore practical approaches to cultivating a culture that helps anticipate and prepare for potential changes and challenges.



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